The Light That Never Left

The long night is over.
The horizon holding back
The rising sun
Is an illusion.
Welcome the light
That never left
And make with it
Your daily worship.



To be brave as you can
With sampled courage on infinite loop
Keep heart though you suffer
The loss of fidelity
And compressed experience
Leaves you with less.

Late Library Poem

Reflecting on the library
and the work we put into it.

I think about divisions of l    ab    o   r

Different job classifications cross paths and converge
in our common purpose to serve the public.

There’s a will to a system in this thinking,
but it is immersive too. I pay
my coworkers’ emotions
and how it feels to “work together”.
I read practically everything but the books.

Unlike most any other job
I’ve ever had
No day is a defeat!

Except maybe the day longer
that a book takes to get back
on the shelf,
because our budget allows for
late-night security guards
not late-night pages.