Violence Against Animals Legitimates Human Domination

The following quote from John Miller’s “Empire and the Animal Body: violence, identity and ecology in Victorian adventure fiction” speaks to Shantz’s “Green Syndicalism”, while showing a more complex genealogy than he describes:

To Adorno, the interdependence of human and animal suffering is constituted through a rhetorical strategy that legitimates violence against humans by naming them as animals. Next to this we might also cite Jacques Derrida’s identification in his essay ‘Eating Well’ of a place that remains open through violence against animals for a ‘noncriminal putting to death’ that implicity permits the kinds of atrocities to which Adorno alludes. Comparably, Jean Baudrillard in an analysis of the ‘industrial organization of death’ in contemporary agri-business reflects with similar emphasis on the intimacy of human and animal suffering that, ‘Everything has happened to them that has happened to us. Our destiny has never been separated from theirs.’ (14)

It is also a something lacking from Zizek’s analyses of of violence, curiously so since violence against animals make subjectivizable the conditions of objective violence.

12 thoughts on “Violence Against Animals Legitimates Human Domination

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