Books to Read Along-side One Another

Below are links to material summarizing or extracted from books that interest me for their overlapping concern with work, time; and a perspective on social action that connects worker-control in the workplace to social-power in worker-communities beyond the workplace or wage-relation. Weeks does this with regard to gender and divisions of labor, while Shantz focuses on ecology and productivism. I mostly include Heidegger because of the importance of his work to deep ecologists, but also because the questions he raises about being and time are compelling inquries of modern anxieties about authenticity and presence in activity, as well as dis-ease about the psychic & social dislocations and ecological repercussions of technology. 

“Green Syndicalism”, by Jeff Shantz.

The Problem With Work: feminism, marxism, antiwork politics and postwork imaginaries”, by Kathi Weeks.

“Being and Time”, by Martin Heidegger.

“Time, Labor and Social Domination”, by Moishe Postone.

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